How To Choose (and look after!) Your New Helmet

Whether your ride or drive your helmet is arguably the most important piece of equipment you own (apart from the bike or car). However, when it actually comes to looking after this vital bit of kit many of us fall into a number of simple traps. Remember a Helmet is for Life (… 3-5 years) not just for Christmas!

Follow these simple pieces of advice and you’ll keep your lid looking in tip top condition all year long.


Even the smallest drop or bump can cause damage to your helmet beyond what the naked eye can see, so don’t be tempted to take the risk when it comes to helmet safety. Seek out specialist and impartial advice if your helmet has been involved in a bump, a fall or a crash.


Most helmets aren’t cheap, and it can be incredibly appealing to buy one second hand. This practise should be avoided like the devil. Unlike a car or bike there is MOT history that comes with a helmet so you have no idea what has happened to this helmet before you’ve seen it. Buying a helmet second hand often means buying it before you’ve tried it and few things are more important than getting a helmet that fits correctly.

Most helmets are made with an EPS inner layer and, when buying second-hand, it’s nigh on impossible to tell whether this polystyrene layer has been compressed or damaged. A damaged helmet could be potentially fatal in an accident; the only way to have peace of mind is to buy one brand-new.


We just can’t help ourselves, we see a brand-new helmet come out each year, the glossy pictures in the magazines of it being worn by the pros and we decide that that is the helmet for us. But, when we eventually get around to trying it on we have that fight between head and heart, your head is telling you is shouldn’t be cutting in there and the vision isn’t that good, whereas you heart says you look fantastic and it matches the other gear you’ve already got perfectly. The reality is the best way to discover what you need in a helmet is to try as many on as possible. Only after this will you get a sense of what the right helmet for you really feels like.


Whilst the outside of your helmet has to take the brunt of what the road has to throw at it, the inside liner often picks up more dirt and bacteria than you think!

Textiles are not sterile and often make for an all too friendly environment for germs and bacteria to grow, which over time can lead to the deterioration of the lining inside your helmet. To combat this, liberally spray the inside of your helmet with our Molecule Refresh. Proven to not only remove germs and odours, the anti-microbial element of the formula actually suppresses the chances of this coming back again.

Everywhere else of the helmet, from the visor to the shell can be treated using the Molecule Cleaner and Polish. By spraying a gentle mist all over the outside of your helmet, it will gently lift away any dirt and grime and leave your helmet with the perfect shine.

Finally, to help keep things crystal clear during these cold winter months be sure to apply the Molecule Anti-Fog to keep your goggles or visor fog-free. Taking less that 30 seconds to apply the Anti-fog create a protective barrier between the visor and the warm air inside your helmet, keeping you fog free for up to 5 days.