Molecule | The Complete Helmet Care Kit

The Molecule Helmet Care Kit is the hallmark of the Molecule range. With more than 250 million helmets worldwide it is staggering that no one company has focused primarily on the care of one of the most important pieces of kit … your helmet!


The Molecule Helmet Care Kit is designed to meet every need that you may have for your helmet. From maintaining that box fresh smell, to keeping your vision through the visor crisp and crystal clear.


The 4 products found in the Helmet Care Kit are all water based and non-wax solution that can be used on most helmet and visor types. The solutions are non-flammable and non-streak sprays that last longer than traditional aerosols. The bottles are handy 4oz (120ml) size, meaning they can easily be kept in a jacket pocket or helmet bag.


At only £23.95 for the entire kit it makes for a perfect present for any mad Karter or bike fanatic. Buy Yours Now