Anti-fog & Rain Repel | How It Works

With the thermometer firmly fixed below zero and road and track conditions getting more treacherous, now more than ever it is important to see where you are going. Thanks to the brilliant properties of Molecule Rain Repel and Anti-fog it’s one more thing you don’t need to worry about.


We have all been there, caught out in the pouring rain or the early morning chill, bravely facing the harsh conditions and the impending fogging or streaming rain. With the help of Anti-fog and Rain Repel these worries can be dramatically reduced.


Both of these solutions can be used on almost all visors and can also be used on glass. So whether or not you wear glasses inside your helmet or you want to treat your windshield these products have you covered.


Molecule Rain Repel can be applied direct to visors and windshields by either spraying directly onto the surface in a light mist or by applying to a microfiber towel. By gently buffing the technical solution onto the surface you will create a protective barrier. By repeating the process multiple times, you will further increase the effectiveness of the Rain Repel.


Molecule Anti-fog works in an extremely similar fashion, as a high tech formula it creates a protective barrier inside the helmet to prevents the build of fog on even the most chilly morning.


Keep safe on the roads this Winter and get your Rain Repel and Anti-fog Now